Just to update you – Carl is now finished with the hyperbaric treatment which really has helped him and he is glad he did the treatment. He is now selling the chamber if anyone is interested:

Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Chamber With a Sequal-Integra Oxygen Concentrator.
The Best & Largest in the Vitaeris fleet of mild hyperbaric chambers. The
Vitaeris 320 boasts a roomy 32″ inflated diameter that comfortably seats 2. 
Dual pumps boost inflation time & provide twice the airflow throughout the chamber.
4psi Operating Pressure

Chamber is like new. Used aprox 150 hours. Have Special Built Crate to Ship Damage Free.  $15,000 (+ You pay shipping Charges to your destination).

Contact: Carl & Vickie Stevens
         Phone # 417/634-3345
         Springfield, Missouri, USA 

Carl is thinking of going back to China to get more stem cell treatments…his light perception is still good and he hopes another trip will do the trick.  Your prayers and your thoughts are greatly appreciated…keep them coming!

2 comments November 3rd, 2008

Carl is getting better and better light perception!!!

He spends 2 hours in the hyperbaric every day so obviously that is helping him tremendously…he still cannot “see” but is able to make out movements and getting more light than ever before…he believes it will only be a matter of time now before he can actually see!  He is still doing the acupuncture as well…Please continue to pray for him!

6 comments July 15th, 2008


It should be arriving today from Michigan and hopefully this will be the icing on the cake for his progress.  He is supposed to spend a couple hours a day in the chamber.  He is still seeing the acupuncturist on a weekly basis.  His light perception continues to improve!  We will keep you updated on his progress from the hyperbaric chamber!  Please keep the comments coming – they are so much appreciated!!!

6 comments June 6th, 2008

Carl saw the outline/shadow of his hand waving in front of his face!

It has been 2 months since his last stem cell treatment and Carl is really progressing.  He can see a faint shadow of his hand and could barely see a very slight shadow of his daughter’s face/hair.  He is no where near seeing yet but his light perception is getting better and better.  Pray that he continues to progress!  He is still continuing his visits with the acupuncturist and she has him on various root/herbs/vitamin regimens.  Carl said he did not care that they tasted nasty if it meant getting his eyesight back he did not care! Thanks for your continued support and prayers!!!

2 comments March 31st, 2008


Carl said the acupuncture does not hurt nearly as much here as the method they used in China.  He is getting colors of blue one day and green the next but never on the same day (the colors always alternate days).  They will start the electrotherapy soon and maybe that will trigger even more light for him.  He is getting a much broader, wider area of light now instead of just out of the corner of his eyes.  Everyone has been so wonderful for all the prayers, comments and support…thanks to everyone!!!

5 comments March 5th, 2008


Carl can now see faint light of the TV screen when he is an inch from it.  He is now getting light perception (flashes of light) in  his left eye, which at first he only had light perception in his right eye.  He can detect street lights when we are out at night.  He seems to be getting a little more light each day.  Carl will be going to an acupuncture doctor that trained in China that is right near where they live.  We thank everyone for their support and prayers!

5 comments February 19th, 2008


Our guys made it back to Houston, TX safe and sound.  They are loving being back in the USA and getting to eat normal food.  We are having really nice weather here in Texas so it is quite a change for them as the weather in China was very cold!  Carl is seeing a lot of different light flashes of blue coming at him so something is definitely happening for him.  Time will tell!  Thanks to all your support and prayers!

2 comments February 3rd, 2008


If everything goes as planned Paul and Carl will be arriving in Houston, Tx. Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 6:08 a.m.!!!  Please pray for their safe return!!!  Thanks to all for your prayers, comments and support!!!!

2 comments January 30th, 2008


Carl had his last stem cell injection on Friday and did very well.  His light perception is getting better and better.  He can tell when there are bright lights turning on and when the light is shined on him.  He is very grateful to be able to tell when the sun comes up instead of relying on his talking watch.  He has made a lot of progress in just 5 weeks!  He will not miss the acupuncture at all and I know Paul and Carl both are ready to get home and eat normal food again!  They are busy meeting with Kirshner and the reporters who are in China now doing interviews for a story they are working on…we will hopefully let you know which network and when it will be aired.  The local network here in Houston (Fox26) will be coming to Paul’s house in Houston next weekend to do a story on Carl upon their return.  I know Carl is excited about getting back in time for him to listen to the Super Bowl!  Maybe by next year, he will be able to watch it!!! If Carl continues to improve the way he is now, he may not have to do the hyperbaric chamber when he returns as long as he keeps progressing.  We will keep you all updated and thanks for all your comments, prayers, and support!!!  KEEP IT COMING AND PRAY FOR THEIR SAFE RETURN TO THE USA FROM CHINA!!!

3 comments January 27th, 2008


They have been asked to extend their stay by 5 days to be able to be interviewed and be a part of a story Kirshner is working on, who just arrived in Hangzhou a couple of days ago.  Carl is progressing with his light perception but it will take many months and he knows he will have to be patient.  He said he has already received more than he ever thought he would since the first stem cell treatment he had was only 20 days ago.  They are getting very bored because the weather has been rainy and very cold.  They talk of the fireworks going off all hours of the night and day…it is very loud and sometimes right outside their window.  Paul had to go downtown to get their airline tickets changed and he said the traffic there is really scary and we would not ever want to drive there!  Carl gets another stem cell treatment on Monday and then again on Friday…they are now returning to Houston on Jan. 31 at 6:00 a.m.  

8 comments January 20th, 2008

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