October 18, 2012

Hello friends of London Ruby;

Just a quick note to update you all, London is doing fantastic she still has light perception and her mobility and learning skills have greatly improved since our visit to China.  London will turn 5 next month and she is in Kindergarten now.  She is using a pre-cane to walk now and is doing very well with it.  She is speaking in small sentences and is trying to poty train.  All and all she is doing so much better and is learning so much faster.  We would like to get further stem cells so if anyone out there is trying to decide if it would be the right choice for your loved one we would do it again in a heart beat.  Sending our love to all of you who have supported London over the years and a big thanks to everyone in China who helped London and were so kind to us all.  As we go into the Holiday season just know we are sending many blessing out to you all.  Check back now and then to see the newest updates on London Ruby. With Light and Love; London and Family

London almost 5

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December 13 2011

London Preschool

Happy Holidays;

As we come to the end of another year London continues to show signs of improvement.  We are still sure she is seeing light and her ability to learn continues to improve.  She is speaking in small sentences now, feeding herself, and walking much better.  She has passed her goals set up with the preschool staff so she will enter kindergarten in September of 2012.  She has walked unassisted once but still needs a hand or walker right now.  She is a really happy child and fills our lives with joy we are so blessed to have her in our family. 

November 2011 we took her to California to see her Great Grandmas, Grandpa and other family members.  While we were there we went to see another set of Doctors regarding the possibility of more stem cell treatments.  We found out they can take the fat from her bottom separate the fat from stem cells and put her healthy stem cells back into her own body.  The good thing about this is that they can grow more stem cells and at any point we can take her back for more treatments.  The stem cells reproduce about every 16 days so they would be able to have millions of stem cells on hand at any time by freezing them and saving them for more treatments.  Right now it is not FDA approved in the US so we would need to take her to a hospital in Mexico if we decide to do this treatment.  They have already been doing procedures for heart patients and other illnesses but this would be the first eye patient they have worked on.  We are exploring our options and will let you know if we decide to try this new procedure.  We are also exploring our option to return to China the cost is actually much less if we decide to try using her own stem cells in the US/Mexico but we won’t rule out another trip to China.

That is pretty much it for now and we will continue to update you from time to time so please check on her status and again THANK YOU for your continued support and love.  We can never thank you enough for all you have done for London.  Many Blessings to everyone for a Happy Holiday season.

God Bless;

London and Family

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June 20 2011

Hello Friends, Family and Followers of London’s Journey;
Unfortunately we don’t have much to report other than London is such a big girl now. We are watching her growth hormone in her last appointment with her specialist “Dr. Z” he let us know she had grown 0 in height or weight in 6 months. We are waiting for the test results on this possible problem with her growth hormone.  No changes in here eyes yet, some light perception but we can’t tell just how much light she is seeing and she doesn’t have the ability yet to tell us what she sees.  We always say we are on “London Time”.  She is now walking with our hands and the assistance of a walker it’s pretty cute she still doesn’t like it when we let go of her. She still likes her school and is learning more and more words on a daily basis and brings home art to share.  We have to be careful as you do with all children what you say because she may just repeat it.  We would like to come for a second trip to China but haven’t started fund raising yet. Well that’s about it for now, hopefully soon we will have more exciting news to fill ya in on.  Blessings to you all and again thank you for following London’s Journey!
London and family 
Loving the pool

London Loves the water

June 20th, 2011

January 23, 2011

Christmas day 2010

Christmas day 2010

Happy New Year to everyone, we trust your holidays were filled with joy!

It’s been one year since London had her stem cells done and London is now 3 years old.  Boy time sure fly’s its hard to believe London has been with us for this long and we have had a full year of stem cell growth. What a joy she is and so special to all of us.

We have an eye dr. appointment set up and more news will follow after that is done.  Her eyes are still dilating and we hope to get good news from the eye doctor. 

London is now standing on her own and walking with assistance.  She really likes to stand on her own and we love to watch the excitement in her face it really is priceless.  She is still in pre-school and sees her therapists 3 days per week so we see improvements in all areas of her growth and development. 

She has many words now, no sentences but she has lots to say and it’s a joy to see new changes all the time.  We are thinking about taking her for another round of stem cells and will likely start another fund raising campaign after her eye appointment.  Perhaps mid year, we will make a decision soon but all agree that another trip to China would benefit her.  We also want to get another MRI done to see what changes have gone on in her brain development so we will be scheduling that appointment as well.

Thank you all for your continued support and love we could never have done this without everyone’s help, God Bless you all and we will let you know more after her eye appointment.  Today’s photo is London on Christmas day!



Grandma Ruby and all of London’s family

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10/6/10 video for London

With special thanks to London’s great Aunt Judy Garner (video by) and dear friend Erin O’Bryan (singing) a wonderful video of London was created, hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  With Light and Love from upstate NY Grandma Ruby.


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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

Hello All;

Not a lot to report, but we just wanted to check in to let everyone know London is doing well.  She is still trying to crawl, still not walking but she is feeding herself now and her vocabulary continues to grow.  As you can see by today’s photos her eyes are much more focused than before our trip to China.  She loves pre-school although she will be changing schools because the family moved about 40 miles away. As always we want to thank everyone for their continued support and we are thinking about starting the fund raising process again, to give London another round of stem cells.  We will check in again in a couple months, London will turn 3 on November 27th, wow time fly’s.

God Bless you all and thanks for following London’s progress, we love you!

London and family

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7-14-2010 update

London is in pre-school

London is in pre-school

Hello all;
We trust everyone is having a wonderful summer as we are all hot and humid here in upstate NY.  Sorry it’s been a while since we have had an update, but there really hadn’t been a whole lot of changes to talk about in a while. 
London has started pre-school this week and is doing very well.  Her vocabulary continues to grow and has about 30 words now.  London’s eyes are still dilating and she sees light.  She also stairs at us now and her eyes do not wonder nearly as much as pre stem cell.  She has also started feeding herself finger food which is a huge thing!! She has a texture problem so she would never feed herself and now she has begun that task.
We have had a little setback and not quite sure why but she is refusing to stand or try to walk.  When you try to get her to stand she lifts her legs out and up and refuses to use them.  We have had her to the DR. and nothing is wrong with her legs so hopefully this will change soon.
With school she is seeing her therapists 3 days a week now so her progress should move forward more quickly now.  We were playing with the lighted ball the other night and she was cracking up.  We have discovered she loves the pool and she is playing in it all the time this summer with great fun!
We are still holding off to see the eye Dr. until about November or December so we can have the full effect of the stem cell growth. Her specialist in VT and her regular Pediatrician are both happy with her progress.
Keep the prayers going for London please and we will update in a few weeks when we have more to report!
Blessings to all!
London and family

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London’s patient experience link

May 25th, 2010

April 16, 2010


London is crawling

London is crawling

Hello Everyone;
London continues to have small improvements all the time.  As I have said before her vocabulary is increasing all the time and that is really exciting for all of us to hear her sweet little voice.  She has been trying to crawl for a few weeks now and finally made the plunge yesterday.  London is crawling now!  She has also stood herself up in her crib now and seems to be gaining more confidence by the day.  We still don’t know just how much she is seeing other than some light, but it all seems to be coming together for her and we are happy with her results so far and know the stem cells will continue to grow for several more months.  We are home for 3 months now and her changes are just wonderful.  Thank you all for your continued support and as always I will update London’s blog as we have super news to report.  Today’s photo is of London on her hands and knees which she was never able to do before our journey to China.
Blessings you to all;
London and Family

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March 19, 2010

Thank you God for all your Blessings

Thank you God for all your Blessings

Wonderful news to report!  I bought London several items to help with her therapy including something called a DNA ball, it’s a ball when squeezed lights up and is soft enough for London to play with.  On Wednesday when the items arrived we gave London the DNA ball, it was flashing all kinds of colors and she reached right out for it no hesitation, grabbed it and started laughing!  We don’t know how much she can see but it’s certain she is seeing these flashing lights and we are so blessed.  
Today’s photo is of our little angel I believe giving Thanks.

God Bless you all!

Grandma Ruby

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